18 August 2009

One year and going strong!

ONE year ago...we got married!!

-And what a beautiful day it was. We absolutely love being married. It really is so much fun! Jake is a wonderful husband and we just love hanging out with each other. I can't believe how fast this year has gone! Apparently the first year is the hardest so it looks like were gonna have a pretty dang good life ;) I love you Jake!

Since we took our big cruise that was supposed to be our anniversary trip back in May because it was cheaper then we decided to spend our actual anniversary in Park City. We spent the weekend shopping, swimming, playing tennis, not taking any good pictures, and watching movies. By the way we saw the movie "time travelers wife" and we both cried (well...I more like bawled hysterically thanks to birth control...) but it was nice to relax and sleep in two days in row-wahoo!

03 August 2009

the JOYS of July....

July has always been our favorite month-it not only has two fun holidays but both of our birthdays as well. This July was packed will all sorts of fun events....
the 9 day FaMiLy ReUnIon

For the 4th and the week after the Browns from Arkansas came to Utah for a visit. It was so so
so much fun having them here. I can't believe how much those kids have grown in the last year. Our week was jam-packed with fun activities every minute including stadium of fire, hiking stewart falls, tinfoil dinners in the canyon, going out to eat, roasting marshmellows in the back yard every night (thanks to TY;), and the list goes on and on. It was a constant party and we LOVED it. We love you folks from Arkansas!

Jakey and his girly fans

Ty Ty and Jake

and of course we can't forget the chocolate fountain party at our house
...I've never seen the kids so wired!!

CaMpIng TrIp..

Jake and I decided to take a weekend camping trip to Fairview. The outdoors are so beautiful and it was exciting to get away. We had a crazy time fighting off mice in the middle of the night until we were hysterical but we had a good time. In the morning we went fishing and pretty sure I caught the LUNKER

We made a target to shoot at....(if you can't tell its Sasquatch A.K.A. Big Foot)

OtHeR AcTiViTiEs...
We also attended the MLS Soccer game at the Rio Tinto Stadium, I bought Jake tickets for his birthday and it turned out being super fun.

On Jake's birthday we also went to Lagoon with some of the wild Browns. Thanks Claire for the discounted tickets!

so this is the only picture we got-yes it is the parking lot-we were too lazy to carry the camera around the park.

What a fun month it was!
-Au revoir