25 May 2011

a favorite pastime

Last fall when Jake had his knee surgery, and we were confined to the bed or couch, we stumbled upon a great discovery....The discovery was that Jake and I read at exactly the same speed.  Because of this finding we are able to snuggle up and read books together.  It makes our pillow talk/book club amusing as we analyze what we are reading as we fall asleep. In the last couple of months we have read the following books, and we recomomend all of them!

thanks mom for passing along the fun reads...

15 May 2011

not so scary goblins...

This weekend we took off on Thursday and went to Goblin Valley with our good friends Trevor and Melissa.  They are some of our best friends and are moving to the windy state later this month, so we decided we needed to go camping as one last hoorah!

We had such a great time! Some of the highlights from our trip include:
an incredible camping spot, 9 mile hike through the saweet slot canyons of little wild horse,
mountain man breakfast, tinfoil dinners, smores & bannana boats, shooting competitions,
and lots and lots of not so scary goblins. 

05 May 2011

cinco de mayo

5 traditions we celebrate on the cinco de mayo:

1.      The husband will ONLY speak Spanish to me all day (including texts)…until I go muy loco.
2.      I get to sign a paper saying that “I will be fluent by the next cinco de mayo”…this is the year, I just know it.
3.      We share a yummy dessert called “never on sunday” from the pizza factory in lindon.  Yes, we know this tradition is not very festive, but for some reason we started it when we were dating and you can't break a tradition, right?
4.      We drive up to our favorite look-out point up the mountain and listen to spanish music while we talk about life and how fun our summer is going to be.
5. We make a homemade pinata with goodies inside-jake made ours this year and he did an exceptional job!      

Me gusta el cinco de mayo.

02 May 2011

love birds

Dear Love Birds,
           I am happy that spring has finally sprung. I love that the flowers are starting to bloom. I love smelling the fresh air, and I love the fact than I can start wearing flip flops again without getting weird looks. I know that you sweet love birds like spring too. We love listening to your chirping every morning as we leave for work. We’ve obviously enjoyed your chirping so much that we failed to recognize where you two wanted to start your little birdie family until the other day, when we caught you flying into our BBQ…hmmm so we opened the lid and sure enough we found your humble abode. We have decided to let you stay-consider it our gift to you…but be warned little birdies, come next spring, we are charging rent.
ps. Since you are living in our BBQ, we are currently counting you as food storage. If we happen to have a natural disaster, we won’t hesitate to fire up the grill…