04 December 2011


Jake and I decided that we needed one last trip before our bundle of joy makes his appearance in March. My two qualifications for the trip was that it would not be a long flight (bad ears+no meds=no bueno)  and it needed to be a place where I could relax...so for our "babymoon" Jake and I decided to vacation in beautiful San Diego. The weather was perfect! We hung out at the beach, relaxed at the resort, and even went to a NFL game.
For the game, Jake bought himself a San Diego Chargers shirt and an Oakland Raiders shirt for me. "Raider nation" turned out to be quite a rowdy crowd but we had a lot of fun cheering for both teams until the game was over and we walked back to our rental car which had been towed....
When we first found out we were prego, I decided that we would not find out the sex of the baby until birth and make it a surprise! Sounds fun right?!? Jake was not too fond of this idea however...so after months of debating/compromising the date of our ultrasound came. We had our doctor put our big news in an envelope and we decided to open it on christmas. Well, having that envelope laying around for weeks was very tempting for the man of the house so being the nice wife, I brought the envelope with us on our trip where we opened it at coronado beach!

01 December 2011

preparing for christmas

This past week we set up for our first christmas in our home.  Bringing up the tree from the basement was the easy part...  hanging christmas lights on the house proved to be slightly more difficult than the twenty minute activity we thought it would be.  After 4 hours and 5 trips to home depot, our home was lit and ready for the season!!

happy december!