18 March 2010

When Jake said he was planning a festive dinner I imagined Lucky Charms....

This was soo much better!

05 March 2010

road trip with the padres

This past weekend Jake's parents gave us a pleasant suprise with a phone call late Friday night that said they were heading to St Geezy the next morning to stay at a sweet resort, ant that we could stay in the second bedroom if we wanted. . . . . After making several phone calls to get subs for both mine and Jake's church classes, we accepted their invitation. We had such a great time. Our room was so nice and it was so great to just relax with the Hoyts and not worry about work or school. A couple of the highlights were shopping at the outlet malls, hiking in snow canyon, relaxing in the hot tub, and best of all was mine and Jake's first massages. The Hoyts said they had a suprise for us down there, and wow it was a suprise. we loved the massage and can't say enough about how our Russian Masseuse Ulga (ha ha ha) relaxed and made our bodies into Jello!