15 May 2010

becoming a post grad = celebration!!

Well....I did it!! I finally graduated from college with a degree in Art History. It's always a good feeling to accomplish one of your life goals. Being a student has been great, but I am absolutely thrilled to be done and to make the transition from a backpack to a full time purse! Hooray! So- what did we do to celebrate the closing of my college era??? We decided to ditch the rain....

...and say HELLO to the warm and welcoming Caribbean sun!!

A couple months back, Jake and I planned to invest our tax refund and do a little traveling. We love to take trips in May because it's cheaper, the weather is perfect, and we beat the crowds. So.. after graduation we spent a couple days in Puerto Rico before taking a cruise ship to the US Virgin Islands and Bermuda. Our cruise ended in New York where we were able to spend a couple days to sight see and more importantly visit art museums;). It's nice to get out of the usual surroundings for a little bit. I love exploring the world, getting lost in new places, and rediscovering myself. We had a blast and of course and it was a bummer to come back to the real world. But, life is definitely good.