15 January 2012

wedding and a baby...

well, not quite a baby yet...but only a few more weeks to go!!

My older brother Andy and and his new wife Bethany got married last week and we are so happy for them! As for the bride-not only do we share the same name, we also studied abroad together in London years ago... 
...and I am so excited for her to join our family! They make a darling couple and we loved celebrating with them on their big day!

03 January 2012

christmas weekend!

If I had to pick one word that described our Christmas this year, it would have to be. . . . .. Ping-Pong.
Not just because we always play it on Christmas eve at Jake's grandmas house, but because we went back and forth between my family and Jake's family like a ping pong ball.  Our "weekend schedule" sent us back and forth between parties and it was great! We finally got around to opening our own gifts to each other late Christmas night. It will be hard to top this memorable Christmas-next year better watch out!