16 July 2011

sprinkling system

When I think of summer, I think of sprinklers.  I have a lot of good memories that involve sprinklers. When I was little kid my friends and I made up creative games to avoid the water, or be the quickest to get through it, or stand in the stream of water the longest. I used to think it was magic water sprouting from the ground. As I grew older and hung out with the neighborhood gang, I always had an encounter with the sprinklers late at night as I tried to run home. I knew the exact timing and route I had to take from our back gate to the door as to avoid getting wet.
This summer however, the term "sprinkler" has taken on a new meaning...
As you can see, I've learned that sprinklers are not magic, but instead a lot of hard work.
 So in celebration of sprinklers everywhere, I hope you all find a sprinkler to run through on this hot July weekend!

09 July 2011

jackson hole

                         road trip pictures part 2...

06 July 2011


road trip pictures part 1
looks like old faithful is still pretty faithful, even if she is smaller than we remembered...
*we get giddy about geysers*
 (and clearly my jump is way better)

05 July 2011

road trip

Husband and I just got a new car...so we decided to take a road trip, and cruised up to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.  It was a quick trip that consisted almost entirely of driving, but it was way fun! As for our new car...it is a Kia Soul-also known as the Hamster car.  Jake talked me into getting one because it is bigger than a car but still gets awesome gas mileage. I love it!

04 July 2011

fourth of july

Happy 4th of July! We had a great day celebrating america.
We slept in late,
 made waffles,
 went to a movie,
 BBQ'd with friends and family,
 and topped it all off with fireworks! 

god bless america.