30 April 2011

a royal celebration

...we may not have been in the "official" wedding party, but we partied like we were...and it was brilliant!

26 April 2011

coming out of hibernation

I guess it is finally warm enough to come out of my cave. Oh wait, did I say warm? Yeah, pretty sure this morning I woke up to a blizzard...oh well, I'm sick of hibernating... 

So what's been going on in the Hoyt Household as of late? 

Well, in January & February we worked on decorating our house, saw way too many movies, and read lots of books together-

In March all we could think about was Youth Conference, Youth Conference Youth Conference... in our callings we get to work with the youth but we got an extra calling last December to be completely in charge of YC-holy smokes-so much work, but it turned out to be so rewarding!

...and this month we took a trip to Disneyland, and had a wonderful Easter!
Bring in on Spring-we are ready to rock and roll!