26 February 2010

lopee's temporary home

"Lopee" *short for Antelope* is the name of Jake's antelope that was shot in the fall of 2008:

Lopee was finally mounted this last week-i think that is what you call it- and he is currently sticking out of my wall staring into my soul 24/7. I jump every time I walk into that room and am greeted with his marble eyes. I am glad he is only a temporary roommate.


Spencer and Sara said...

OK I AM DYING AT THE FACES JAKE IS MAKING WITH THE GUN hahahahahahhahahaahahha. That thing is BIG!!! Way to go Jake!

Matt & Mele Hardman said...

OMG HAHAHAHAHA he looks like he is heaven, and I can only imagine that your worst nightmare just came true....HAHAHA jk! Great job Jake!

Shellie said...

Ha ha! I hope it doesn't fall off the wall and scare you in the middle of the night!!