05 May 2011

cinco de mayo

5 traditions we celebrate on the cinco de mayo:

1.      The husband will ONLY speak Spanish to me all day (including texts)…until I go muy loco.
2.      I get to sign a paper saying that “I will be fluent by the next cinco de mayo”…this is the year, I just know it.
3.      We share a yummy dessert called “never on sunday” from the pizza factory in lindon.  Yes, we know this tradition is not very festive, but for some reason we started it when we were dating and you can't break a tradition, right?
4.      We drive up to our favorite look-out point up the mountain and listen to spanish music while we talk about life and how fun our summer is going to be.
5. We make a homemade pinata with goodies inside-jake made ours this year and he did an exceptional job!      

Me gusta el cinco de mayo.


The Williams Family said...

LOL that pinata is the most amazing thing i think that i have ever seen!

courtney said...

Wow, what great traditions! I especially love that pinata. Jake looks so proud:)

Matt & Mele Hardman Est. Feb 14, 2008 said...


jennyjones said...

you hafta get fluent because i'm speaking spanish to my godbabies no matter what! <3