12 June 2011

back in bermuda

Just over a year ago we had the chance to go to Bermuda, and absolutely fell in love with the island.  Since returning home, we have bragged about the beauty of Bermuda to many people we know.  It was our favorite place and we only hoped that someday we would have the opportunity to go back.  We figured that opportunity would come when we were MUCH older, but this past week the stars somehow aligned and we returned to our beloved place!  We rented scooters and rode the entire island on the wrong side of the rode. We visited our favorite beaches we found last time, and discovered a few new favorites.  Bermuda is OUR place.  We hope we make it back again someday.

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Amanda and Chase England said...

How fun! I can't believe how every picture is as beautiful as a postcard. Bermuda truly is gorgeous!