06 June 2012

Lake Powell

Last weekend we went to Lake Powell and took the bubby on his very first vacation. He did awesome! It was a short trip with my family that we decided to go on last minute. Fortunately for us, the week before we left the houseboat broke down leaving us to stay in hotels instead. We figured that a hotel would be a better place for a little 2 1/2 month old to hang out instead of a hot houseboat.

We had such a great time! We drove a  total of 12 hours over a 4 day span, and we are pretty sure Calvin is beginning to think his car seat is his home...but he did extremely well and didn't have a single meltdown the entire trip. 

 First boat ride!!

This trip to Powell was different than many of our others since we didn't get as much time wake boarding, tubing, and sun bathing, but it was still fun to introduce Calvin to one of our favorite places (and where his mommy and daddy got engaged 4 years ago!!)...crazy how fast time flies...


Jenni said...

Glad the trip went well!

Sara said...

i LOVEEEEEE lake powell.
lets hang out.

katie said...