22 July 2012

four months

Calvin Jacob is 4 months! I can't believe how fast this boy is growing. I know every parent says that... but it is true! He is getting so big! He is such a flirt and smiles at everyone. We adore him to pieces and of course can't imagine life without him! I remember thinking how far away July sounded those first few nights home from the hospital, but these last few months have honestly just flown by. Although the sleeping situation hasn't gotten much better I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I knew I always wanted to be a mom and although I didn't expect it to be this hard, I also didn't think it would be this much fun either. I love my family.

At four months Calvin is rolling over, playing with toys, and has the cutest laugh and chuckle. When he laughs so hard he usually gets the hiccups. He has such a sweet spirit and a tender heart. He is a little social butterfly and loves people. He mimics your face and if you look at him with a worried expression he looks right back at you concerned. It is so darling. I just stare at this cute kid every day and wonder how I got so lucky. He is such a miracle in our lives. I am truly blessed.

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