17 September 2010

Recap of Summer...

I am seriously baffled by how fast this summer flew by. I love the summertime and all the fun activities that are associated with it....this year for the first time in what-like 17 years or so that my summer has been extra long. It is a strange and yet glorious feeling not to go back to school with everyone else. I am sure that I will miss it soon enough but for now I am enjoying all this extra time!! Well, our summer was wonderful like always. Our top 5 highlights are as follows:

1. Our various camping trips. We were able to take some trips with family and friends and we sure had a lot of fun!

2. This summer I worked at the Springville Museum of Art at night when Jake was in class and I absolutely loved every minute!

3. The birthday week. I love having our birthdays just a few days apart so we can party all week long!
3.5 Eating warm strawberries and other delectable items from our garden:) yumm

4. Our anniversary (prev. post)... including our trip but also including all the fun things we've done together to celebrate marriage:)

5. and...last but not least, well maybe least...racking up some serious medical bills..ha.. this summer has brought us to the doctor on multiple accounts...I am basically a genius when it comes to insurance now;)
Goodbye Summer-we will miss you!


Spencer and Sara said...

you look so sassy in that gown!!! love you!!

Shellie said...

I miss hearing about everything you and Jake are doing so I'm glad that you updated and I'm glad that you had such a fun summer!

Cali Haynie Rutter said...

Love the update! You and Jake do so many fun things all the time!! Love you lots!