24 September 2010

music and the arts

Jake and I shared a fun weekend. On Friday we went and saw Brad Paisley in concert and it was amazing!! We had so much fun! Here we are sporting the cowboy hat... and I'm sorry to say that we might just look more like farmers than cowboys...

On Saturday we decided to take a 'mini getaway' and travel to FAR AWAY Salt Lake City where we enjoyed a funny and sparatic night on the town and then retired early to the Sheraton so we could read Catching Fire, which we have been reading together (ps. we loved it)

The next day we took a trip out to see Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty. The Spiral Jetty is one of the most famous earthworks and being an art historian, it was about time for me to see it in person. For those who do not know what an earthwork is....it is a large-scale artwork built on the land with materials of the land, and brings consciousness to the place that you might not otherwise have because you might not go to that place if it weren't there. Pretty amazing eh?

Jake was the MAN --for the trip turned out being different than we had anticipated. It was an adventure with all the off-roading and poor Jakey had to hobble around with his torn acl, but now I can check off another item on my "to do before i die" list, right?

hoyts+jetty+sprained ankle+donuts for breakfast=a great weekend:)

**if you are an art nerd like me you might find this article written on the spiral jetty interesting.**

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Shellie said...

I looked for you at the Brad Paisley concert but didn't see you. I'm glad you had fun!!